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Rumor has it…

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

MTV is reporting producer Jon Landau has stated that James Cameron is working on a prequel to “Avatar”. That in itself doesn’t surprise me. “Avatar” is the highest grossing film of all time and is certainly not Cameron’s first mega success.  Why WOULDN’T he write a prequel?

But wait.

It’s going to be a…novel. Landau quickly emphasizes that Cameron does not want to write a novelization of  a movie. No, they’re talking about an epic story to be conveyed via the written word.

I certainly wish Mr. Cameron all the best in his foray into this new realm. I believe he has the vision (and the resources) to pull off this newest project. And I definitely intend to read it!

But what about you? Do you think James Cameron can make the jump from screenwriter to novelist? Will this novel catch your attention?

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