Book Selling Condition Guide

Please verify you are entering the correct ISBN

Verify ISBN

A common mistake that often occurs is if a customer uses a book store sticker on the back of the book. We suggest you not do this unless you are 100% sure you know what you are doing.
It is quite common for Used College Book Stores to cover the ISBN of the book with their own sticker, barcode or ISBN code. This is often done for a couple of reasons.

1) They are bundling the book with another item of some sort to create a package specific to a college campus.
2) They are using a sticker to cover the true ISBN of the book to hide a defect, such as the wrong edition, or the book may be marked “Not for Resale”.

If you send us a book using the sticker on the back, then you need to make sure that it includes all supplements that the ISBN calls for. If you do not, then your book will be priced according to the true ISBN of the publisher, which is located on the copyright page.

If you are ever in doubt, please use the ISBN on the copyright page.

Book Conditions

If you send us items that have these flaws, we most likely will refuse to purchase those items, or will reduce the offer. Anytime we receive items that do not meet our guidelines, you will be sent an email of the problem, along with instructions on how to get your item returned if you wish. WE are one of the RARE sites, online that will hold your item for you if there is a problem. If you read the fine print of other sites you will find that they specifically state: “we do not return items for any reason”. We feel that your items are exactly that, YOUR ITEMS. If we can’t purchase them, we have no right to just keep them. We hold them for you, in case you want them back. We can recycle them for you or we can donate them to an international non-profit organization

Binding Issues

Damaged Bindings

These indicate various looks of what we term Torn Bindings. Books with Torn Bindings will not be purchased. Our customers do not want to buy books with this defect, so we will not purchase them.


Books with Broken Bindings will not be purchased either, as the pages are often loose or will shortly fall out.

Broken Bindings on softcover and paperback books are easy to spot for our inspectors. If the book is open and will lay flat on the table like this one, the binding is broken.

Loose or Separated Bindings will also not be purchased.


Water Damage

Water or Moisture damage can be one of the hardest things to spot unless you are looking for it and, you sometimes have to know what you are looking for.

Water damage will also create water spots or staining as seen here. Water damage/moisture damage will eventually lead to mold growth. Nobody wants to purchase water damaged or moldy books.

This photo shows obvious water damage as evidenced by the stiff and wavy pages that have been wet and then dried.


General Damage

Torn Covers

Books with torn covers or missing covers will not be purchased.


Torn Pages

Books with torn pages or loose pages also will not be purchased.



If your puppy has used your book as a chew toy. We will not purchase it. This is considered a book that is not in “good condition”

Excessive Writing

If you have some pages in your book that look like this. This is acceptable. If your book contains many pages like this…don’t send it we will not buy it.

General Bad Condition

Books in general poor condition are not acceptable. If you have a book, and you look at it and your first thought is “ewwww” or “ick”, our opinion of it is likely to be the same.


Incorrect Versions

Teacher/Instructor Editions

We will not purchase Teacher’s Editions, Annotated Teacher’s Editions, Instructor’s Copies, Wrap Around Teacher’s Editions or Teacher’s Examination Copies. If you are in doubt if your book is one of these, send us an email or simply do not send it in. You will not be paid for these types of books.

Additional Invalid Versions

Advanced Reading Copies, Promotional Copies, Uncorrected Proofs, Galley Copies, Review Copies and pretty much any book that is distributed by the publisher in advance of the release of the book for marketing purposes are prohibited for resale.

Internationl and Foreign Versions

International and Foreign edition text books like these are also not accepted.


Other Issues


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