About Us

CKY Books got its start, in 2004, in our family home in Central Kentucky.  As voracious readers, we began simply by selling used books from our personal library. Pleased with our success, we began to take time each day to buy and sell used books. What began as a way to make a little extra income for our growing family quickly evolved into a thriving small business.

Though we quickly outgrew our living room—and then our garage—we carried the spirit in which our business was founded with us. Though we now operate out of a large warehouse, we pride ourselves on our positive work environment and view all of our employees as an extension of our family. When you sell books to us, it is our goal to give each and every customer the easiest and most pleasant experience possible.

As a group we are motley band of misfits. Our ranks include retired teachers, librarians, custodians, engineers, moms, dads, students and farmers. Our extended family includes many children, grandchildren, cats, dogs, cows, ferrets, gerbils, frogs, fish and one pet rock. When are not busy buying used books, we enjoy golfing, dancing, swimming, playing soccer and taking trips to the beach. We speak Spanish, English, French, html and Redneck.

We love buying your used books but we do take postal holidays off to unwind. Sometimes we spend our days off together. Our most popular outing was a trip to a gun range; nearly all of our staff obtained conceal & carry permits.