Book Condition Policy (Last updated February 5, 2017)


CONDITION OF MERCHANDISE - All books/items must be in “good general condition” or better.

“Good General condition” is defined as: A complete item as issued by the manufacturer or publisher.  The cover (including dust jacket, if applicable) and all pages must be present, intact and firmly attached to the binding.  The book has no odors, stains, excessive soiling, moisture damage, excessive markings or pages stuck together.

If the book was issued with an accompanying supplemental item (i.e. a CD/DVD, access code, deck of cards, box, etc.), the supplemental item should be present and usable.

Condition defects NOT accepted:

Watch the relevant portion of the CKY Books Training Video for our Inspectors here: VIDEO

CKY reserves the right at its sole discretion to determine the condition of any item upon receipt in CKY’s warehouse, and to make price deductions, rejections and/or discard accordingly.   By creating a CKY Books account, creating a buyback order in our system and sending the order to us you are agreeing to be bound by these Condition Policies, Terms or Service and other policies on this site.

Maximum Quantities: CKY, at its sole discretion imposes a maximum quantity per ISBN, per account, and/or per IP address. Your seller cart will indicate how many of each book CKY will purchase.  You are limited to the number of items in your pulldown menu to the right of the item.  Additional copies of books sent to CKY over and above the allowed maximum quantity will NOT be accepted or eligible for payment.

Items not accepted/rejected by CKY will only be shipped back to the Seller at the Seller’s request and expense. Items not accepted will be held for 15 days*; after that time, these items will be recycled, donated, or used to support the community and environment at CKY’s discretion. CKY will email a notice of any deductions/rejections via the email address in the seller’s account after the customer’s order has been processed.  This email will note the amount of the deduction/rejection and the reason.

If the Seller would like their rejected items returned, the Seller must contact CKY promptly, through email at, to provide payment for return shipping costs.

*15 Days – Items will be held for 15 days from the time stamp on your payment email.


CKY Books automated offering system is NOT able to flag some items and may make an offer on them even though we can not purchase them.  Please familiarize yourself with the list below so you understand the item types we will not accept.  It is your responsibility to be understand our Condition Policies and Item Types NOT ACCEPTED:

Item Types NOT ACCEPTED include:

We appreciate you taking the time to read our Used Book Condition Policy.  Questions can be sent to