Supplemental Buyback Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: January 30, 2018

IMPORTANT! PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THESE SUPPLEMENTAL BUYBACK TERMS AND CONDITIONS AS THEY AFFECT YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS. By selling any book or other items to CKY Books (or its affiliates, as CKY Books may determine in its sole discretion) (each, as appropriate, the “Purchaser”) you are agreeing to these Supplemental Buyback Terms and Conditions (“Supplemental Buyback Terms”) which are in addition to the CKY Books Terms of Use located at

It is unlawful to sell counterfeit books. You can be liable to the Purchaser, CKY Books, and to the book publisher for counterfeiting and copyright infringement, among other claims, if the books
that you sell to the Purchaser are counterfeit even if you are not aware that your book is counterfeit.

ACCURATE IDENTIFYING INFORMATION. CKY Books requires all textbook suppliers to provide and
maintain true and accurate identifying information including full legal names and correct company names (if applicable), correct physical addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses. Use of aliases or P.O. boxes are unacceptable. Suppliers agree to update their identifying information regularly and to respond to any requests by CKY Books to verify their identifying information.

ONE ACCOUNT. You may only sell books or other materials to the Purchaser using one account and one email address. Registering multiple accounts or using multiple email addresses, or any other attempt to circumvent BuyBack program policies, may result in immediate termination of all accounts, a permanent supplier ban, and investigation of selling practices for evidence of  counterfeiting.

NEW BOOKS. If you are selling a new book, regardless of whether you designate the book as new, you will be required to provide CKY Books with information about where you obtained the book including the name and physical address of your source for the book.

NO REBOUND BOOKS. CKY Books does not accept any books or other materials that have been re-bound regardless of the condition. Do not attempt to sell re-bound books through this program.

INVESTIGATIONS AND SHARING OF INFORMATION. In the event of an audit or investigation involving a book you have sold through this program, we will share information about you with the book publishers, their lawyers, and relevant authorities, including your identifying information, account information, book selling history, and payment history. We can suspend your account and delay payments to you while we investigate.

SURRENDERING BOOKS AND PAYMENTS. If it is determined that any book you sold is suspected or
confirmed to be counterfeit, you hereby surrender it. We will destroy the book or transfer it to the publisher and will not pay you for the book or return it to you. If we have already paid you for a known or suspected counterfeit book and there is a credit balance on your account, you agree that we can deduct the payment for the counterfeit book from the credit on your account.

TITLE TO YOUR BOOK. When you sell your books through this program, title to those books remains with you until they are received at the book warehouse.

CKY Books reserves the right to suspend or terminate all accounts not in compliance with these Supplemental Buyback Terms.